NBA 2022-2023 Predictions

Hello, for my blog I will be telling you some of my thoughts for the next NBA season. I will be telling you who I think will have breakout seasons, teams who will improve or decrease their record, and who I think will be some contenders for the finals next year. I know the finals are on right now for this season but I think I talked about that enough so I’m going to move onto next season.

Breakout/Comeback Players

Anthony Edwards

Jamal Murray

Jordan Poole

Zion Williamson

These are just a few players that I think will either have a great jump in their ppg and stats or will come back from injury and continue to play at a high level. For example, Murray and Zion were really good before they got injured, but we haven’t seen too much of them playing at their best before they got injured. Murray was going crazy in the bubble a couple of years ago. He had 50 points in one game! I think he will continue to play at a high level once he gets back and him alongside Jokic will be a great duo who have a good shot at the championship. Zion got injured after just 24 games played in the NBA. I think the former first overall pick will show his talent a show that he will be a superstar in future years.

Next season I think that Jordan Poole and Anthony Edwards will really excel and will turn into some really solid players. With Golden State, ever since Klay has come back from his injury, he hasn’t been the familiar “Splash Brother” that he was before. H has been making some really bad decisions a isn’t making as many shots as he was before. There could be three people guarding him and he would still try to make a fadeaway. He doesn’t shoot as many threes as he was before and mainly goes for mid range fadeaways which is a pretty hard shot to make. I could see Poole sliding into that starting role at shooting guard. I don’t think it will happen instantly but if he still has poor decision making next year, I could definitely Klay moving onto the bench or having a trade happening. Since Anthony Davis is constantly injured I could see the Lakers wanting to move him and start a rebuild. So this is my trade idea. Klay, a first, a second and some bench player for Anthony Davis. This may be not enough, but since he is constantly injured this may make it easier for Golden State. I don’t think this would happen but I think this would be a pretty good trade for both teams. Golden State gets a really good center and the Lakers would get picks and a solid shooting guard.

I also think Edwards will have a really good season. I think Minnesota will have  a really good season and him and KAT will lead them to the playoffs once again. I think they will actually have a good shot at the championship next year. I think he will be a player that will average close to 25 ppg. I don’t think he will have +25ppg but he will be really solid.

I wont give too much description but I will just tell you some of the teams who I think will decrease or increase their record.




Golden State (Just a little bit)








Miami (A little bit)

Those are some of my predictions and I hope you enjoyed. Here’s a link to some more info about the NBA

French TV call of Poole's 3rd quarter buzzer-beater is incredible


Updated Stanley Cup Predictions

For my blog this week I will be telling you the last of my predictions since there are only a few teams left.

Colorado vs. Edmonton

Colorado in 6

Like I said before I think Colorado is going all the way and winning the cup. But, I don’t think thus series will be very easy for them if they do make it to the conference finals. Edmonton on the other hand really surprised me this year, I didn’t even think that they would make it out of the first round. I thought LA would take them out. Then once it came to the Battle Of Alberta, I thought Calgary would win by a mile. Calgary actually had a really solid chance to win the cup this year, so I was really surprised. But I think Colorado will for sure win this series.

Tampa vs. Carolina

Carolina in 7

I think Carolina will be able to get past the Rangers this year and will make it to the conference finals against the Lightning. This would be a really close series and probably a very rough one too. Both teams have so much talent and it could honestly go either way. Tampa has Kucherov, Stamkos, Hedman, Point, Cirelli, Vasilevisky and Bogosian. Just kidding, Bogo sucks. Carolina has Aho, Svechnikov, Teravainen, Slavin, Jarvis, Andersen and a bunch of other depth players. Both of these teams are stacked and are both top 5 in the league for sure. I really hope that this series happens because it is going to be awesome to watch. But in the end I think the Hurricanes will be able to pull it off and play Colorado in the Finals.

The Finals

Colorado vs. Carolina

Colorado in 7

This would be some of the best games in recent playoff history in my opinion. Once again both teams are absolutely stacked and have so much depth and multiple star players. I have already said what I think about both of these teams a few times now so I’m just going to talk about other stuff with this series. I think that if one of the teams star player has an injury, that team will lose. If Makar or Mackinnon get injured, Carolina will probably win. But if someone like Aho on Carolina get injured, Colorado will probably win. I think that’s how close of a series it will be and we may see another game 7 overtime win for one of these teams. I hope so, it would be great to watch.

That is the end and I hope you enjoyed. Here’s a link to a bracket so you can see who’s winning.

National Hockey League - Wikipedia

The Fishing Trip

The Fishing Trip                                                                 Jayden

Apr. 29

Mr. E


“Don’t forget your sleeping bag!” Tommy’s mother reminded him. “Yup, I’ll remember,” exclaimed Tommy. Tommy had been bouncing around all day, he was going on his first fishing trip! He and his dad planned on hopping on a plane and taking off to Alaska for a few days. But first they had to take their car to the airport. So, the night before they had packed the car with their rods, tackle, nets and any other possible thing you would need for a fishing trip. Now, they were ready for the crack of dawn to hop in the car and take off to the airport.

Tommy had trouble sleeping that night. How would he be able to sleep? He was so excited that it was his first fishing trip, and he was going with his dad. Who wouldn’t be excited? He couldn’t help but look at his alarm clock every five minutes to see how much closer he would be to getting on that plane and taking off to Alaska.

Finally, he was able to get a couple of hours of sleep, but then he was woken by the familiar and irritating sound of the dreaded alarm clock. But Tommy wasn’t dreading it today, in fact he was actually excited hear it. He sprung out of bed nearly tripping over his blankets he left on the floor the night before. He ran out to the kitchen to see his Grandpa and Mother talking over a cup of coffee. “What are you doing here?” Tommy questioned. “Well, your dad couldn’t make it, he had to go on a trip,” Tommy’s grandpa said reluctantly, not wanting to make his grandson disappointed. “Oh,” Tommy said with his head hanging low. “But I’m coming!” exclaimed Grandpa, hoping to lift spirits in the room. “Really?” Tommy said with a great amount of excitement in his voice. “Hop in the car!” And with that Tommy shot out of the kitchen and out to the garage.

With no time to spare they made it to their plane. Once they were seated, they were calmer, but a few minutes before it was quite the scramble. They tossed their carry-on bags above them and got settled into their row. No more than 30 seconds later a flight attendant came and offered them some peanuts and a bottle of water. “Sure, why not,” Grandpa replied. So they got their snacks, ate them, and in no time were snoring at the top of the lungs. The passengers enjoyed this very much.

A few hours later they got awakened by the sound of the pilot announcing, “If you look to your right you will see out landing strip. You will notice that I put the “fasten seatbelt” sign back on, so please do so and get ready for landing. In unison the passengers on the plane fastened up their seatbelts and got prepared for the landing. With a few quick maneuvers and a few tightly gripped armrests, they were landed safely and exiting the plane. After exiting the plane, grabbing their luggage and getting a rental car to drive to the lodge. After a long drive the lodge was finally in sight.

“Well, there it is!” Grandpa said as they rolled into the slightly ingrown parking lot. “Wow, it’s bigger than I thought!” Exclaimed Tommy with joy gleaming in his eyes. They exited the car, grabbed their bags and made their way to the desk to check into their room that they would be staying in for the next few days. They settled in and made themselves comfortable in their room that they were given. “Can we go now?” Tommy asked his grandpa. “No, it’s getting late. We should go to bed and rest up for tomorrow, you’re going to have to pull in a massive pike!” Tommy agreed and went to bed with a smile on his face, imagining him reeling in a huge fish.

Beep, beep, beep. There it was again, the alarm clock. Tommy opened his eyes and looked over and smacked the alarm clock. He knew what time it was; it was time to go fishing! Tommy sprang out of bed and ran over to his grandpa’s bed side and tapped him to wake him up, in case the alarm didn’t already do the job. “I’m up, I’m up,” grumbled Grandpa. “Do I look ready!” Shouted Tommy. Grandpa giggled and eventually got himself up out of bed and started to get ready for the long day of fishing that they were about to have. Once they got their teeth brushed, hair combed, face washed and all the other components of a regular morning routine, they started on their adventure.

After loading up their boat with rods, tackle, nets and any other possible thing you would need to catch a bunch of fish, they got unhooked from the dock and were set to go fishing. “You think we’ll catch anything?” Grandpa questioned Tommy. “Believe me Grandpa, I’ve done my research, we’ll catch some fish,” Tommy said with a smirk on his face as he tossed his line in the water for the first time. Tommy hadn’t felt this much excitement in a while! The last time he was close to this excited was when he saw that Santa had placed a Hot Wheels car in his stocking. That moment was close but fishing had topped that definitely.

Cast, reel, cast, reel, cast, reel. It seemed like a never ending loop with no results. Every time he thought he caught a fish, it was just his hook caught on a rock, every single time. After no luck after hours of fishing they decided to head back to the lodge to get some food. After all, it was already 2:30 and they hadn’t even had breakfast.

On their way back to the lodge Tommy decided to try to toss his line in the water just one more time, maybe this was his lucky toss. But once again, no luck.

So, they arrived to the dock, tied up their boat and headed up the hill to get some lunch. After eating their lunch, they went back up to their room. Grandpa pulled out the brochure they were given out of the nightstand next to their bed and started listing off all the different things that they could do. “There’s jet skiing but I don’t know if I can trust you on one of those things.” “You’re probably right,” Tommy agreed. “There’s water skiing, fishing of course, basketball,” Grandpa continued to list off all the activities. “How about we try something new and go fishing,” Tommy said with a wink. So they headed back down to the water, unhooked their boat, and headed out for the second time today.

“This time we’ll catch something, I can feel it,” said Tommy with hope. After what have been another few hours of fishing Tommy happened to glance over to the far shore of the lake and noticed a shadowy figure standing on the edge of the water. “Grandpa, who is that?” Questioned Tommy. “Probably just a deer, responded Grandpa. Tommy just shrugged it off and kept fishing. Grandpa was probably right, it was probably just a deer.

After another couple hours of fishing, they both agreed that it was enough fishing for one day and that they should head back to the lodge. Tomorrow would be their last chance and they had to catch a fish. As they made their way back up the hill they noticed a glow coming from the top. As they got closer they noticed it was the other campers having a bonfire and making smores.

“Mind if we join?” Questioned Grandpa. “Only if you bring marshmallows,” responded one of the campers, laughing at his own joke. So they sat down, roasted some marshmallows and went to bed with a full stomach.

For the last time of the trip, Tommy heard the alarm go off for the final time. So, they did their usual routine. Get ready, head down to the boat, and keep fishing. This time Tommy brought his lure that an old camper gave him the night before. He told him that it was his lucky lure and that he would for sure catch a fish if he used it. So, Tommy took it hoping it would do the trick.

After a few more casts Tommy happened to look over and saw the familiar shadowy figure. Tommy was so mesmerized at the figure that he didn’t notice that his grandpa was yelling at him that he had a fish on. Tommy quickly directed all is attention to the fish and started reeling it in, he was not going to let this fish get away.

After a few splashes the fish was finally in sight. It was a huge pickerel that was nearly the size of Tommy! Eventually Tommy was able to get it close enough to the boat that Grandpa was able to reach into the water with the net and bring it. After a few seconds of amazement Tommy was able to snap out of his daze and was able to hold it for a few seconds before letting it back into the water. That was the greatest experience Tommy ever had and he would never forget it.

Even with all the excitement of catching a fish, Tommy couldn’t get the person out of his mind. Before Tommy could ask his grandpa to go over and investigate, there was a roar of a boat engine coming across the lake. Then Tommy spotted a boat. As it got closer Tommy thought he recognized the face that was driving it. It was his Dad! They pulled up to each other and shut off their engines. “ Surprise!” shouted Dad. “I was trying to wave to you yesterday, but I guess you didn’t see me.” “Well, we still have some time now, why don’t you hop in with us and we can fish for another couple hours,” said Grandpa. So, they started up their boats and made their way back to the dock that Dad had his boat tied up on, then hopped in the boat. Everyone was happy, Tommy caught a fish and got surprised by his dad, and the smores the night before were delicious. It was an all-around great trip.

Things to Consider When Buying a Fishing Rod For Your Kid(s)

NHL Playoffs

Hello, for my blog my blog I  will be telling you some of my predictions for the playoffs. I’m only going to do the Eastern conference this time.

Washington vs. Florida

Florida in 5

I really like Washington, they’re my favourite team, but Florida is so good and I don’t think that Washington has a chance. They did win game one and outplayed Florida, but last night Florida smoked them 5-1. I think we my be seeing a lot more of these games, I hope not but we probably will. Last year we saw Washington win game one and then it went all downhill from there. Boston outplayed them for the rest of the series and Boston won the series 4-1. This series will probably be the exact same thing. Ovechkin is still playing at a really good level considering how old he is. He is 36 years old and scored 50 goals! That is unreal for his age and I think he will continue to play at this level next year and hopefully the year after that. He has led them all the way this year but I think this will be the end of the season for the Capitals.

Tampa vs. Toronto

Tampa in 6

I keep going back and forth with this one but I think we will see the same old Leafs once again. They could probably have a 7-1 lead and still blow it. They can never seem to hold onto a lead and have playoff success. But Tampa on the other hand, is always a really good team. They have won two Stanley cups in a row, and they are still really solid this season. They have tons of playoff experience so they should be used to the fast paced and rough action of the playoffs. Toronto is still a really good team, but Tampa is better in my opinion. Toronto has a really good roster led by Matthews and Marner. This year (even though he is twenty six), Michael Bunting has had a really good rookie season. He is on the top line with Matthews and Marner, so that is a really good line. The rest of the forwards are all right. If Wayne Simmonds could learn how to not take a penalty, they might have been even better.

Carolina vs. Boston

Carolina in 5

This series is similar to the Washington and Florida series. Carolina is a super good team that can perform all the time. They never seem to slow down and always have the momentum in their favor, no matter what team they are playing. Boston is the Capitals in this series. They are still a really solid team, but they are the underdog. Carolina already has a 2-0 lead in the series and I think they will keep this going. Carolina’s goalies have gotten injured so that is a problem, but Carolina is still really good, so I don’t know how much this will actually change the series. I didn’t hear how long they are injured for, but hopefully they can come back soon and one of them are able to help out their team. I think that Boston might be able to squeak out a win but Carolina will outplay them and they will win the series.

New York vs. Pittsburgh

New York in 7

Pittsburgh had a slow start to the season with Crosby being injured for a little while. But once he came back, they began to dominate. New York had been good the whole season. They have Igor Shesterkin who is a lock for the Vezina trophy. He has been playing unreal this season, and I think he will continue this for the rest of the playoffs. Not only Igor is really good though. They have Zibanejad, Panarin, Fox, Strome and a bunch of other really good depth players. They recently drafted Lafrenaire recently and I’m thinking that he will turn out to be a pretty good player. I don’t think he will be a franchise player like McDavid or Mackinnon, but I think he will be really solid. he may be a player at the level of someone like Tomas Hertl or someone like that. If he can develop well they will continue to be just as good, maybe even better. Pittsburgh on the other hand is getting older and aren’t playing at the level they used too. Malkin and Letang have expiring contracts, so unless they sign a team friendly deal, the big three that won those Stanley Cups may be broken. This will be a really good series and I think both teams are really good, but I think New York is better.

Well, that is the end of my blog and I hope you enjoyed. Next week I will be doing the western conference. Some of the series’ may be done, but I will tell you what I predicted before anyway. Here is a link to the NHL playoff bracket so you can track the games and see who is winning every series.

National Hockey League - Wikipedia

NBA Playoffs Round Two

Hello for my blog I will be telling you who I think will win the second round of the playoffs. In my last blog I told you my first round predictions and I got a few wrong. So I hope I am more accurate with these predictions.

Phoenix vs Dallas

Phoenix in 6

Once again, these two teams are very good and both have very skilled players. The Mavericks only really have Luka and I don’t think he will be able to carry them to the next round. The Suns are packed with talent and have the best roster in the league other than the Warriors in my opinion. Devin Booker is really good, so is CP3, they have Ayton, they are a super good team. I think the Suns have way too much firepower and Dallas won’t have a chance.

Warriors vs Minnesota

Warriors in 5 talent

The Minnesota vs Memphis series isn’t finished yet but I think that Minnesota will win the series. If they do I think the series will go to the Warriors. The Warriors in my opinion have the best roster in the league (like I mentioned earlier). Led by Steph they also have Klay, Poole, Wiggins, Green and a good bench. Minnesota also has a really good team but I don’t think this series will be really close. I think that the Warriors will for sure make it to the third round and possibly even to the finals.

Miami vs Philly

Miami in 7

Both of these teams are absolutely stacked with superstars and talent. The Sixers have Embiid, Harden, Maxey and some other decent players. Miami has Butler, Bam, Herro, Lowry, they have so many good players and they were first in their conference. Both teams didn’t really have too much struggle in the first round. They both played probably the easiest teams in the playoffs. So I think this series will be really close and it will be a tight series but Miami will come out on top with the last game. I think that I will definitely watch a couple of games from this series even though I don’t like either of the teams. The games will be just too good not to watch.

Bucks vs Celtics

Celtics in 7

This is another series where it will be super close and I will be watching some of the games from the series. Like I said before both of these teams are so good and they are both contenders. This will probably be the best series of the playoffs so far unless Boston and the Warriors or the Bucks and the Warriors play in the finals. Those would be some really awesome games to watch. But this series will be super close and will most likely be taken to a game 6 or game 7. I personally like both of these teams and I wouldn’t really care who wins but I am sort of leaning more toward the Celtics for who I want to win. Unless Giannis can go crazy and lead the Bucks past Tatum, Brown, Smart and the rest of the Celtics, the Celtics will win.

Now I will quickly Summarize what I think the conference finals will be like and what the finals will be like. I think the Warriors will beat the Suns in 7. This series would be another really good one and super close. I think Boston will beat Miami in 6. Once again, both teams packed with talent and both contenders. All four of these teams are contenders and it could really go any way. If one team has a bad game that could mean that the other team will win the series. It will be really close. So in the finals I think the Warriors will play the Celtics in the finals and the Celtics will win in 7. This would be the best series in the past few years in my opinion. I really hope the Warriors will win it all but they will have to go through a bunch of really good teams and have to not get tired out.

That is the end and I hope you enjoyed. Here is the same link from my last blog so you can track how the series’ are looking.

NBA - National Basketball Association Teams, Scores, Stats, News,  Standings, Rumors - ESPN

NBA Playoffs

Hello, for my blog I will be telling you about some of my predictions for the NBA playoffs. They already started but I will do some predictions anyway.

Phoenix vs New Orleans

Phoenix in 5

The Suns have been a super good team with the best record in the league this year. Being led by Devin Booker and Chris Paul, they are for sure a contender this year for the championship. I think they will make it far in the playoffs but won’t win it all.

Dallas vs Utah

Utah in 6

This series is a close one but I think Utah will come out on top. Luka got injured right before the playoffs and that slowed them down a lot before the playoffs. If he is unable to return for the remainder of the series then I don’t think that the Mavs will really have a chance. Other than Luka, the Mavs don’t really have any other player that can lead their team. Utah has Mitchell, Gobert and some other good players.

Golden State vs Denver

Golden State in 5

I really like Golden State and I think they have a really solid shot at winning the championship. I actually think they will win it. They have an all around good team. Curry, Poole, Klay, Green, Wiggins. They are packed with super good players. Denver only has Jokic, otherwise they suck. I don’t think this is going to be a close series but Denver will be ale to squeak out a win.

Memphis vs Minnesota

Minnesota in 7

I think that this will be a really good series as it is tied up 1-1. Both teams are really solid and they both have a superstar on their team. For Minnesota its KAT and for Memphis its Morant. I think these teams are very even even though Memphis had a way better record. It will be close but Minnesota will win in 7.

Miami vs Atlanta

Miami in 4

Miami has been super good this year and I think they will sweep the Hawks. Hawks have Trae and nobody else. Miami has Butler, Bam, Herro, Lowry and other solid players. I think this series won’t be close at all and will smoke the Hawks in only 4 games.

Philadelphia vs Toronto

Philly in 4

This series isn’t even close. Philly is already up 3-0 and they have all the momentum coming into game 4. They are packed with good players, Embiid, Harden, Maxey and other good depth players. If somebody says that Toronto will come back and win in 7 games, they would be crazy. I really like Toronto and I hope that they could do that, but with Scottie out, I don’t think they have a chance.

Bucks vs Bulls

Bulls in 7

I think this will be a really tough series and it could go either way for both teams. But now that Middleton got injured, the Bulls have a way better chance than before. Unless Giannis and Holiday can lead the team to some wins, they will be out. Lavine and Derozan  are a great duo and I think they will take down the reigning champs.

Boston vs Brooklyn

Boston in 5

Boston is another team that is backed with talent. Tatum, Brown, Horford and even Pritchard who is a bench player was looking pretty good when I was watching the game last night. I really don’t like Brooklyn and Bostons defense shut KD down and he wasn’t able to perform how he usually does. I think Boston will win this series if they are able to contain KD like they did last night.

That is the end of my blog and I hope you enjoyed. Here’s a link to see the playoff bracket so you an track who’s winning all the games.

NBA - National Basketball Association Teams, Scores, Stats, News,  Standings, Rumors - ESPN

NFL Predictions

Hello and for my blog I will be telling you my predictions for some of the awards and other random things that I think will happen.

MVP – Josh Allen

I think Josh Allen is a very underrated quarterback. On my other blog I had him in the top 5 in the NFL and I think he is without a doubt. This offseason they only got better. They resigned Stefon Diggs and got Von Miller. Adding Von to their roster will make their already elite defense even better. Josh showed what he was capable of last season and this year I think he will take it up even further. I think he’s gonna win the MVP this year.

Superbowl – Buffalo Bills

Sadly this offseason has been a really good one for the AFC West division. This is sad because my favourite team is in that division. It isn’t too often that you see four teams that are contenders or have a good chance at making it deep in the playoffs. This offseason all they did was trade away a top 5 WR in the league and not resign their all star safety. So I’m a little disappointed. I think that division is so tough all the attention will be on them, and they will forget about all the other good AFC teams. Such as the Bills. I think they are a top 5 team in the league and they will surprise everybody and beat the 49ers in the Superbowl.

Justin Jefferson

I think Justin Jefferson is a top 3 WR in the NFL right now. He’s only 22 and he’s that good already, that’s crazy. Last season Jefferson had 1616 receiving yards, 108 receptions and 10 touchdowns. That is super good stats for a young WR. I think he will get even better next year. I could see him getting 12-15 touchdowns next year. I think he would also get a few more yards and get closer to 1750 yards. Next year I think he will still be considered a top 3 WR next year if not a top 2.

Here is a link for more stuff about the NFL

See the source image

NFC Division Winners Predictions For The 2022-2023 Season

Hello and welcome to my blog. Today I will be telling you who I think will win each division in the NFC. My guesses may change after this offseason after trades are made, free agent signings and the draft. For example The Seahawks just made a huge trade that got the Broncos Russell Wilson. So I think they will definitely have a playoff spot this year. Now just as I posted the link at the end of the blog I just saw that Carson Wentz got traded. I don’t know what the return for him is, but that is a pretty big trade, not as big as the Russ trade but still its pretty big. Okay, enough of random NFL news, time for my predictions.

NFC North

Minnesota Vikings

This one may be a bit of a hot take but I have a lot of confidence in one of my favourite teams this year. I don’t think they will win the  conference or anything but I think they will do really well. The Green Bay Packers are really the only ones in that division to have a chance to win the division. I think Justin Jefferson will go off and have a season with nearly a touchdown a game from his first season to his last, he went from 7 touchdowns to 10 touchdowns. I think he will bring it up to 14 this year. I know that lots of people don’t like the Vikings but I think that they will be  a very solid team in the future. I think their record will be 12-5

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys

I hate saying this because they are one of my least favourite teams in the NFL. I don’t know why but I just don’t like them. They do have a pretty solid team all the way around though. They have a great young cornerback (Trevon Diggs) so I think he will be really good this year. Not as good as someone like Jalen Ramsey or Jaire Alexander but he will be really good. If Dak con stay healthy and perform at the level that he is capable of then I think that they will be a very solid team next year. As long as they don’t deal with injury issues I think they will end up 11-6.

NFC South

New Orleans Saints

Some people may think it’s the Bucs winning this division but I think the Saints will. Once they lost their all star quarterback Drew Brees, it didn’t go too good for them. They didn’t do too good this season so they will have the 18th overall pick. That isn’t too bad and I think they will be able to get a good quarterback or whatever position they want with that pick. If I were them I would be looking for a quarterback because right now Jameis Winston isn’t doing it for them. If they can make a trade or draft a good QB I think they will win this division and have a record of 11-6.

NFC West

San Francisco 49ers

This one and the Vikings prediction are probably the biggest hot takes of these predictions. But I think that they will do really good this year. They are loaded with talent both on offense and defense. They might start Trey Lance over Jimmy this year and I actually have some confidence in him. He was a highly drafted quarterback and I think he will show why he was drafted so high this year. Like I said they have a loaded team in my opinion, with tons of young talent that will make them a very solid team for a few years in the future. Nick Bosa may even become a defensive player of the year in the future. He is a very good player and I wouldn’t be surprised if he got that award in one of the next few years.

Well those are my predictions and I hope you don’t think I’m crazy for picking the Vikings or the 49ers. On my next blog I will be telling you some of my award predictions and some other predictions for the coming season. For some more info about the NFL that link.

Patrick Mahomes reacts to NFL Network's combine QB 40-yard dash video -  Sports Illustrated


My Predictions For The 2022-2023 NFL Season

Hello and for my blog today I will be telling you who I think will be the leaders of their divisions, conferences, and the entire league.

First I will do the AFC North

Cincinnati Bengals

This team this last year surprised  everybody when they made it all the way to the Superbowl. They made it through division and conference leaders to make it there, so they didn’t have it easy. They got a bunch of young talent such as Joe Burrow, Ja’marr Chase, and Jessie Bates III. They have a horrendous offensive line but I think they will improve that this offseason. Between the draft, free agency and trades, they should be able to bump it up a little bit. I think their record will be 12-5

AFC East

Buffalo Bills

This team is unreal and full of talent. In my last blog I said about they were in the best game of the year this year. Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs and other depth that is really good, they are an all around good team. I think this next year they will be in the top 5 at least, teams in the NFL. I was surprised that they haven’t won the Superbowl in the past few years. I think they will improve their record this year and will have a 13-4 record.

AFC south

Indianapolis Colts

Last year they were just short of the playoffs. Last year Jonathan Taylor went off and had an incredible season. He is young and was already the best running back in the NFL last year. I think this team is just a quarterback away. Carson Wentz used to be really good for Philly, but now he kind of sucks compared to the other quarterbacks. If they are able to draft a good one, trade or sign one in free agency, they will be a really solid team. Right now it looks like Aaron Rodgers might be leaving Green Bay and signing elsewhere. I don’t think it will be the Colts though. It will probably be the Broncos. I think their record will be 11-6.

AFC West

Kansas City Chiefs

This last year they didn’t show what they were capable of. They have a lineup of superstars such as Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill, Tyrann Mathieu, and awesome kicker (Harrison Butker), and some other players. Once Pat came in they have been a Superbowl contender every year. Even if they didn’t have a good season this last year, they were still a Superbowl contender. I think this year they will come back and be the Kansas City Chiefs that they were a couple of years ago. I think their record will be 15-2.

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My Top 5 Rated Quarterbacks

Hello and for my blog I will be telling you who I think is the top 5 best quarterbacks in the NFL. Also I wasn’t able to do another blog post before the playoffs ended. But I got all the first round winners right. But after that I got nothing right in the NFC and one right in the AFC. Now I will start.

5. Joe Burrow

Some people may have him higher, some may have him lower, but I think this is a good place for him. This past season he led his team all the way to the Superbowl. Despite having a horrendous offensive line, he does a great job and lots of the time gets the ball where it needs to be. I don’t really like him too much but he is a great quarterback and deserves to be on this list for sure.

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4. Justin Herbert

Justin Herbert is definitely one of my favourite quarterbacks in the NFL. He is a great quarterback that is really good when it’s third down and the game is on the line. Although the Chargers didn’t make it to the playoffs, that wasn’t his fault. Other than Keenan Allen and Austin Ekeler, they don’t really have a good team at all. I think he is a small step higher than Joe Burrow. He is a little bit more  physical and able to run the ball more than Joe, so that’s why I think he is better.


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3. Aaron Rodgers

This may come as a surprise for some people because they may have him at the number one spot. I think he is a very good quarterback and deserved the MVP last year, but he can just throw. He doesn’t run and if he can’t break tackles very good. He just throws out of the pocket or rolls out every now and then. If he had a O line like the Bengals, he wouldn’t be as good as he is. I know that if you’re a quarterback, it’s your job to throw the ball. But I think it is important as well to be able to run the ball and throw a stiff arm every now and then.

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2. Josh Allen

This may be very surprising for some people that I have Allen over Rodgers, but like I said, it is important to be able to run the ball. Josh Allen is very good at this. He isn’t fast like Lamar Jackson but he is great at running the ball. He is a big body so it it pretty hard to tackle him. If you search up his highlights when he runs, you’ll see that he stiff arms everyone and plow through them. But running isn’t even his biggest strength. He has an unreal arm and can through the furthest in the NFL. In Madden his throw power is 99. Between his crazy arm strength as his ability to plow through everyone, he is a great, all around quarterback. He also always brings his team to the playoffs and does a good job there. This past year was the greatest game of football that I have ever watched. Buffalo was playing KC in the divisional round. Both teams thought they won probably 3 times each. In the last two minutes of the game, there was 25 points scored! I don’t know how that was even possible. What happened was Buffalo just scored a touchdown and went up 3 with 13 seconds left. They were cheering and everyone was crowded around Josh Allen. But then KC got the ball and through a quick pass to Travis Kelce then took a timeout. Then another to Kelce and another timeout. This took them into field goal range and Harrison Butker drilled one right through the uprights to take it to overtime. After that KC won  the coin toss and took the first possession of the ball. They made their way down the field and won the game. This was probably one of the best games that Josh Allen has played and it definitely wasn’t his fault that they lost.


Josh Allen (quarterback) - Wikipedia


  1. Patrick Mahomes

Although him and the Chiefs didn’t have their best season, they were still a very solid team. Once they made it to playoffs they looked like they were back to their old self. They smoked Pittsburgh in the Wildcard round and just beat the Bills in the Divisional round. This game was the one I just described above. Then they played against the underdog Bengals and they somehow lost. I was very sad when KC lost but it’s okay. Patrick Mahomes is another quarterback that is great all around. He can throw insanely good both deep and quick passes. He can run as well, not as well as Allen but still really good. Although he sounds like Kermit the Frog, he is a great quarterback and definitely is the best quarterback in the NFL.

Patrick Mahomes - Wikipedia

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