NHL Point Leaders

Hello and for my blog this week II will be telling you some news that I think it interesting.

Point leaders: So far (I am going by Feb. 18), the top 3 points leaders are…

  • Connor McDavid in 1st with 32 points in 18 games. He has 9 goals and 23 assists.
  • Leon Draisaitl in 2nd with 28 points in 18 games. He has 10 goals and 18 assists. They are both on the Edmonton Oilers which is crazy since they are not really that close to first place.
  • It is tied between Patrick Kane and Mitchell Marner. They both have 23 points. They also have the same amount of goals and assists with 7 goals and 16 assists.

Best GAA (goals against average), the leaders are…

  • Alexi Melnichuk with 0 goals against. I dont think he should be first only because he has only played for 1 game. I think the leader should be Marc-Andre Fleury who is in “4th” with 1.56. Alexi only has 5 saves in total.
  • 2nd is Petr Mrazek with with a 0.99 average. He has played 4 games which makes it a little more believable that he makes a lot more saves.
  • 3rd is Jaroslav Halak with an average of 1.38. He has played 5 games which is one more than Petr so it is clear he makes a lot of saves also.

Rookies with he most points are… (hint: not the first overall pick)

  • Pius Suter and Josh Norris are tied for first and they both have ten points. Pius was Signed by the Blackhawks in July, 2020  but this is his first season playing. Josh plays for the Ottawa Senators and was drafted by the San Jose Sharks in 2020 but once again, this is his first season.
  • Philipp Kurashev, Nils Hoglander and Kirill Kaprizov are tied for 2nd with 9 points. Philipp plays for Chicago, Nils plays for Vancouver and Kirill plays for Minnesota.
  •  Ty Smith is in 3rd place with 8 points. He plays for the New Jersey Devils He was drafted by them in 2018 in the first round.

The last thing I will be telling you about are the leaders of each division. The leader of the North Division which consists of Winnipeg, Vancouver, Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto and Ottawa. The leader right now is the Toronto Maple Leafs with 26 points. They are 6 points higher than any other team in that division.

In the Central division there are two teams tied for first. Those teams are the Chicago Blackhawks and the Florida Panthers, they both have 22 points. It is really surprising that Tampa isnt first in that division. Its also crazy that Florida is tied for first because they didnt even make qualifiers to the playoffs last year (they were in the bottom 8 teams).

In the East division the leader is the Boston Bruins with 22 points. The next team is Philadelphia Flyers, Washington Capitals and New York Islanders. It isnt surprising that Boston is doing so good because they have the one of the best goalies and some  of the best players in the league like David Pastrnak.

Finally, in the West Division, the leader is the St. Louis Blues with 22 points. Although, Las Vegas is a close second with 21 points. I think in that division the leader after all the games will either be Las Vegas or Colorado.

But overall the leader out of the entire NHL is The Maple Leafs with 26 points.

That is the end of my blog and heres a link for some more info about the NHL and some deeper news about Covid and players.https://www.nhl.com/Image result for nhl



My Top 10 Favorite NHL Jerseys Pt.2

Hello again and this is part 2 of my favorite NHL jerseys of all time even though most of these are newer. This list is my 4th to 1st favorite jerseys and if you havent read my other blog which is 10th to 5th, you should go check that out first.

4.Montreal Canadians Retro Reverse

This jersey is almost identical to their original one but the main colour is blue instead of red. I think it looks a lot better and I prefer it way more. I’m glad that they didnt go with a lighter blue because the blue they have now is the colour of the blue stripe on their original jersey. I would really like to have one of these jerseys.Image result for montreal reverse retro jersey

3. Seattle Kraken Original

Even though this team hasnt entered the league yet, they showed the public their jersey which looks really cool. It is a dark blue base or navy, on the sleeve and bottom of the jersey it is a light cyan and on the sleeves there is a little bit of red. Their logo is super cool in my opinion and is my favorite logo in the NHL right now. It is a S with a tentacle coming up in the middle. At the arch of the S there is a red eye.Image result for seattle kraken jersey

2. Vancouver Canucks Retro Reverse

This jersey is really close to being my  favorite but not quite. It is a dark blue at the top and a green at the bottom. In the middle, the two colours blend and make it look super cool. On the sleeves there is diagonal lines and it is filled in with green. I think it looks a little bit like the Seattle jersey but that may be because they are both blue and have sea creatures as their logo. It is pretty much the same as their original jersey but the blend is one of the two minor changes.Image result for vancouver rr jersey

  1. Washington Capitals Reverse Retro

This is yet another Washington jersey but I think it looks awesome. They brought back the old screaming eagle jersey which is my favorite logo that isnt a main logo in the league right now. I like the blue swipe at the bottom with the word Capitals in it. I like the colour combo and where they placed the colours, I think it looks better than the original one. This is my favorite jersey of all time and there is no way you can change my opinion.Image result for washington rr jersey

That is the end of my blog and I hoped you liked it. Here is a link to other peoples choices for their favorite jerseys.https://thehockeywriters.com/top-10-nicest-current-nhl-jerseys/

My Top 10 Favorite NHL Jerseys Of All Time Part. 1

Hello and this week I will be telling you my 10th to 5th favorite NHL jerseys of all time including regular, reverse retro, alternate and all those other types of jerseys. The list goes all  the way back to the start of the NHL. A lot of the jerseys on this list will be reverse retro because they look really cool.

10.LA Kings Reverse Retro

I really like this jersey because it has very vibrant colours and look really cool. It is purple mainly and the stripes at the bottom and the arms are yellow and white. They came out with these in 2021 and are part of the reverse retro jersey collection. It is their second alternate jersey. Image result for la reverse retro

9.Washington Capitals Black Capital

This jersey was the Washington Capitals 97-98,00-01, and 03-04 jersey. I really like the looks of it with the black the blue and the copper colour. I actually own this jersey and think it looks really cool. On the front it has the United States capital building with the words Washington Capitals beneath it. Behind the building there are stars and hockey sticks.Image result for washington black capital jerseyThis is the jersey I have

8. Winnipeg Jets Reverse Retro

This is the jets second alternate jersey and it came out in 2021 in the reverse retro collection. I know most people dont really like it and hate the colour choice but I actually like it. I think it looks awesome with the blue and the grey together. When they were on the ice it looked like the LA Kings regular jersey which is black. I would say it looks a lot better up close then farther away because it looks plain black then.Image result for jets reverse retro jersey

7. Montreal regular jersey

Even though it is really plain with red and a blue stripe, I think it looks nice. This jersey has been their jersey for almost all of the years they have been in the league (which was the beginning). If they changed it they stuck with the red or white mainly with the blue stripe. I have both the white and the red jerseys which are look cool in my opinion. One thing I dont really like about the jersey is their logo. I think it would look a lot better if it was something other than a big C.

Image result for montreal jersey

6. Washington Capitals regular

This jersey is their regular one and was since 2007-08. It is really basic and is mostly red or white (home or away). Like I said with the Montreal logo, I wish it were different. It is really plain and just the words Washington Capitals. The L is turned into a hockey stick and there is a puck and 3 stars but that is it. I think the reason it is so high up this list is that they are my favorite team. But I think it looks good either way if I liked the team or not. I wish they stuck with the screaming eagle jersey.

Image result for washington jersey

5. Washington Capitals Screaming Eagle

I think the logo looks super cool and is my favorite all time. I also really like the colours which are blue, copper, black and white. It is pretty much the same jersey as the black capitol but with a different logo. This was their 1995-97 jersey and I wish they stuck with it longer. The logo is also the one on their reverse retro jersey. If I could I would swap my black capitol jersey with this one.Image result for washington jersey screaming eagle

This is the end to part one and stay tuned for a part 2 with my 4th to 5th favorite jerseys. Here is a link to the Washington Capitals jersey history since most of the jerseys in this list were Washington’s.https://www.nhl.com/capitals/history/jersey-timeline#:~:text=The%20Washington%20Capitals%20debuted%20a,%2D75%20through%201994%2D95.

The Maze Runner book series

Hello, and this week for my blog I will be telling you about my favorite book/book series that I have read.

If you have never read the book, “The Maze Runner”, I highly suggest you do. It is written by James Dashner and first came out on October 6th, 2009. It is the first book of the 5 book series and it is the only one that I have fully read now. Today actually, will be the first time reading the second book because I finished the first book yesterday. The names of the 5 books are The Maze Runner (Book 1), The Scorch Trials (Book 2), The Death Cure (Book 3), The Kill Count (Book 4) and The Fever Code (Book 5).

I will give you a brief summary of the first book and try not to give any spoilers. So Thomas who is the main character is sent up a elevator type thing but it is just a metal box. He dosen’t remember a single thing but his name, which is Thomas.

There are a bunch of teen boys in this place that they call the Glade. They keep on trying to send people out into the maze everyday and those people are called “The Runners” . Thomas wants to be a runner but he is new so the leaders dont think he should be one because it take slots of training and responsibility.

Out in the maze there are these creatures called grievers that are made of blubber and metal tools like saws and other things like that. They can also sting you which makes you remember a little bit but it also makes you all weird and go crazy for a little bit.

These boys have tried everything that you can think of and they still cant get out after 2 years. Thomas has an idea though that may work. I wont tell you what it is but if you want to know you will have to read the book.

It is an action and sci-fi type book that is very exciting and it is my favorite book. There is also movies to go with the first 3 books that are a little bit graphic but they are good too. If you want to learn more about The Maze Runner, here is a link for more info.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Maze_Runner_(book_series)#:~:text=The%20Maze%20Runner%20is%20the,and%20open%20in%20the%20morning.Image result for maze runner book info

Alexis Lafreniere

Hello and for my blog this week i will be telling you about the first overall pick this year in the NHL draft.

Alexis Lafreniere is a Canadian hockey player for the New York Rangers.  He was drafted first overall by them this year and was expected to be really good in the NHL. So far he isnt the highest scoring rookie but he is still good even if he isnt scoring as much.

So far he has played 7 games in the NHL and has 1 goal. Just last night he got his first goal yet. It was an overtime goal and he got a perfect pass and one timed it into the back of the net.

He was born in St. Eustache, Quebec. His parents names are Hugo and Natalie Lafreniere, she is a grade 1 teacher. He also has a sister whos name is Lori-Jane and she is 3 years older than him. She is a soccer player for the University of Montreal. When he was growing up he also played baseball and was a shortstop but he decided to play hockey instead.

Last year at the world juniors, Canada won the gold medal and he was a big part of the team. In that tournament he had a total of 10 points, second for team Canada. When people saw how he played at that tournament he was projected by almost everyone to go first overall in the draft.

I personally really like him and think he is a really good player. He is fast, has a good shot and always knows where to be on the ice. So far in his NHL career he hasnt been getting too many points, but it is the very start of the year and I’m sure that he will be getting many more points in the future.

That is the end of my blog and I hope you liked it, here is a link to Elijah’s blog where he did a blog on the 3rd overall pick this year.https://elijahsaemsblog2020.edublogs.org/2021/01/28/tim-stutzle/Rangers' Alexis Lafrenière 'not intimidated' in opening loss – The Athletic

My Topo 5 Favorite Hockey Players

Hello, this week for my blog I will be telling you about my top 5 favorite hockey players. One of my last blogs were my favorite teams, but now I will be doing favorite players.

5. Elias Petterson

Elias Petterson is a Swedish centreman for the Vancouver Canucks. He was drafted 5th overall in the 2017 draft and has been a really good player since his rookie year. I really like him because he plays on one of my favorite hockey teams and he is very skilled in his shot, hands and skating ability. Even though he is a smaller forward  compared to large defenceman, at the skills competition he put up a slapshot with the speed of 102.4 miles per hour it was a very good shot.The Vancouver Canucks need to sign Elias Pettersson this summer

4. Kyle Connor

Kyle Connor is an American left wing who is a really good player. He plays for the Winnipeg Jets and was drafted by them in 2015. He is a player who can put up a bunch of points. He has really good hands and can deke around defenseman. He also has a pretty good shot so it isnt a smart idea to leave him open because it may lead to a goal. In my opinion he is the best Winnipeg Jets player.Connor agrees to seven-year, near $50 million contract with Jets

3. Nathan Mackinnion

Nathan Mackinnion is a Canadian centerman. He plays for the Colorado Avalanche and was drafted by them in 2013. He is especially really good at speed and skating, He is known as one of the fastest skaters in the NHL. He isnt only good at skating because his shot is really good also. He is an all around good player that should be defended more than others when on the ice.Nathan MacKinnon Is Destined for the Hockey Hall of Fame

2. John Carlson

John Carlson is an American defenseman. He plays for the Washington Capitals and was drafted by them in 2008. He is known as one of the best defenseman for getting points. In the past years him and Alex Ovechkin have made a great duo. He has an insanely hard slapshot and won the competition for that category a couple of years back. He is a very offensive smart defenseman but is really good at stopping players too.NHL Defensemen Aren't Supposed To Score Like John Carlson | FiveThirtyEight

  1. Alex Ovechkin

Alex Ovechkin is a Russian left wing. He plays for the Washington Capitals and was drafted by them in 2004. He has been an all-star for his entire career and has been putting up points frequently. He is one of the best goal scorers ever in the NHL. I really like him because he can lay big hits and score a lot of goals. He has no problem skating past defenders and scoring goals. I think he is the next best hockey player other than Gretzky in the entire history of the NHL.Alex Ovechkin has a new cereal called 'Ovi O's' coming out - Article -  Bardown

That is it for my blog this week and here’s a link to Elijah’s blog for more blogs about hockey.https://elijahsaemsblog2020.edublogs.org/

Writers Workshop 4

The Day Every Kids Dream Came True                        Jayden

Mr. E


It was just a normal and sunny day in the town of Blingelburg. Kids were at school, adults at work, then the strangest thing happened. When it was recess, kids noticed that there were jellybeans on the ground and building up on the play structures. Then they noticed that they were falling from the sky! They did not know whether to be excited or to be scared. By now there was a scent as if someone got a fruit bomb and dropped in the middle of the school yard, expelling its delicious smells.

Everyone was confused as to what was happening, but no one must of have thought much of it since they went to bed and ignored the candy falling from the sky! The next morning when the people of Blingelburg woke up they were surprised to see mounds and mounds of jellybeans, as if someone painted hills with all the colours of the rainbow. There was a huge roadblock on the town’s main bridge while people were shoveling the candy off the bridge into the water on either side so the fish could get a taste of the fruity goodness (not plan A). The initial plan was to get a giant loading truck and get people to shovel the candy into the back of the truck and then they would dump it somewhere outside of the town. The only problem was that the truck got stuck in the car blockage so that didn’t work, and they had to go with the fish idea (plan B). At this point the bridge looked like a colony of ants waiting in line for crumbs from a lunch that someone just finished.

It was soon to near the 2ft mark of jellybeans. The town mayor whose name was Billy McMuffin changed the towns name to Jellyburg. People liked the town’s new name since it related to the situation which they were in currently. There were a few people that did not like candy and refused to go outside and were trying to find a way that they could stop this madness. I guess we can refer to those people as “Candily Distancers”.

There plan was to make a giant vacuum in the middle of the town to suck up all the jellybeans, it would act as a blackhole. It started working at first then the vacuum did a reverse glitch and started spewing jellybeans all over the place. It formed a giant candy tornado! It was at least 30 feet tall and looked as if the season spring was a tornado. When one of the beans hit you, I felt like a paintball struck you, that’s how powerful this was. Eventually after it ripped through some houses and buildings it started to fizzle off and back onto the ground. They got the machine fixed again and it went back to normal. The “Candily Distancers” came out on top!

Most people were sad that this strange storm had come to an end. Luckily nothing was hurt except for people’s diets. The towns name remained as Jellyburg. People say that if you listen very closely at night when everything is quiet, you can still hear the tiny, high pitched screams of terror from the Jellybeans as they were getting sucked up.

My Top 10 Favorite Rides On My Family’s Trip To Florida

This week I will be blogging about my favorite ride that my family went on went we went on our trip to Florida. The theme parks that these rides are from will be listed next to the name of the ride.

10. 7 Dwarves – Disneyworld

I liked this ride because even though it wasnt that fast and exciting, it had some really cool parts along the ride like statues and stuff like that. The kart that you were in were also really cool, it looked like a carved out log.Ride Review: The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Walt Disney World's Magic  Kingdom

9.  Twilight Tower Of Terror- Hollywood Parks

This ride was actually really cool, although it wasnt really a roller coaster. What happened is once your turn came you would go up this old elevator and then you would enter this room and sit down. Then it would go up and down and as you were going this window would open and you would see outside and it was a little bit scary but not bad.The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror - Wikipedia

8. Splash Mountain – Disneyworld

I liked this one because once again even though it wasnt that fast but it was very scenic and had lots of cool parts in it. It was also very cool in the end when you would go down a steep hill in a boat type thing and you would get wet, so that was a really fun part of the trip.Splash Mountain Ride | Walt Disney World Resort

7. Thunder Mountain – Disneyworld

This ride looked really cool and it was actually really fun also. It looked like a mountain in a desert and it was a dynamite site. There was little boxes of fake dynamite and a cool fake fossil next to the track. A ironic thing that happened when we were waiting for this ride in line it got delayed because of a thunderstorm.DisneyMagicMoments: Take a Wild Virtual Ride on Big Thunder Mountain  Railroad at Walt Disney World Resort | Disney Parks Blog

6. Journey Through Atlantis – Sea World

This ride was super popular and we had to wait in line for a long time. It was another boat/raft ride with a steep hill so  that made the ride really fun. In the ride it looked super cool and detailed with statues and old anchors and stuff that a old ocean kingdom would have.Journey to Atlantis® Water Coaster Attraction | SeaWorld Orlando

5. Aerosmith – Disneyland

This ride was very cool and fast. It went so fast that you turned the first corner and you were already doing a loop, it was a crazy speed. Inside the ride there were lots of cool lights and blaring Aerosmith music and you were doing a flip every ten seconds so it was a more intense ride than others.Aerosmith's Rock 'n' Roller Coaster POV HD On-Ride Walt Disney World  Hollywood Studios GoPro Hero4 - YouTube

4. Revenge of the Mummy – Universal Studios

This ride was super cool, fast and fun. You would get into your roller coaster and as they were sending you off, they would give you a thumbs down which was funny  in my opinion. It was a little bit scary but the coolest part was when you were suddenly shoot backwards and there were flames all around you and it was super hot.Revenge of the Mummy℠ – The Ride - Universal Studios Hollywood

3. The Mako – Sea World

This ride claimed to be the tallest fastest and longest ride in Florida and I think it was true. It was a super tall and super fast ride which made it really cool. There were some loops on it that made it a lot more fun. As I said before it was super tall and when you went over the edge it was straight down.How Will SeaWorld's Mako Roller Coaster Measure Up? – CoasterCritic

2. Space Mountain – Disneyworld

This was a future, space themed ride that was super fast and cool. What made this ride my second favorite was  the features inside. There were speakers that were saying stuff like, “ready for takeoff” and you would suddenly shoot ahead. There were also lots of really cool lights in it.

Space Mountain | Walt Disney World Resort

  1. The Manta – Sea World

This ride was ocean themed and was a really fun ride. You would be strapped in and they would put you in a what they call, “Superman position”. You would be facing down for most of the ride and see all the stuff below you which was really cool. There was one part where you dipped into water, that was my favorite part of the ride.Manta (SeaWorld Orlando) - Wikipedia

That is it for my blog and I hope you enjoyed it! Heres a link to the Manta Ride website for more info about my favorite ride.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manta_(SeaWorld_Orlando)

My Top 5 Favorite NHL Teams

Hello, welcome back to my blog! This week I will be telling you my top 5 favorite NHL teams and why I like them.

5.Winnipeg Jets

I like the Winnipeg Jets not only because they are Manitoba’s team, but they have some pretty good players, these are my top 3 favorite players on their team.

3. Blake Wheeler

2. Josh Morrisey

1.Kyle Connor

I think they have a pretty good team and some elite level players. They also have a really good starting goalie who won the Vezina trophy last year(Connor Hellebuyck). They did a few times make the playoffs in there 9 years in the league but usually got knocked out first round.Winnipeg Jets - Wikipedia

4. Colorado Avalanche

I like the Colorado Avalanche because one of my favorite hockey players is on that team (Nathan MacKinnion). They are a very strong team that usually makes it first or second in their division. They have a bunch of elite players on their team that helps them be as good as they are. My top 3 favorite players on this team are…

3. Nazem Kadri

2. Cale Makar

  1. Nathan MacKinnion  Colorado Avalanche - Wikipedia

3. Vancouver Canucks

My third favorite team is the Vancouver Canucks. I like them because 1, they are a Canadian team, and 2, they are a really good team with players I like. They have some really good players that are really good playmakers. This team is really good in the offensive zone when they gain control. My top 3 players from this team are…

3. JT Miller

2. Bo Horvat

  1. Elias Petterson  Vancouver Canucks - Wikipedia

2. Montreal Canadians

I really like the Montreal Canadians because once again they’re a Canadian team and have some of my favorite players. I really started liking them because my dad is a fan of them and then I started liking them myself. Fun fact: They have the most Stanley Cups ever with a total of 24! My top 3 players on this team are…

3. Tyler Toffoli

2. Tomas Tatar

  1. Shea Weber Montreal Canadiens - Wikipedia
  2. Washington Capitals

I really like this team because they have most of my favorite players and are a very successful team. In 2018 they won a Stanley Cup for the first time but they almost always make it to the playoffs. They have one of the best goal scorers in the league right now on their team (Alex Ovechkin). They usually finish top in their division which also shows there are a very good team. My top 3 players onn this team are…

3. Tom Wilson

2. John Carlson

1. Alex Ovechkin ( Favorite player in NHL)

  • That is is for my blog this week and I hope you enjoyed it. Here is a link to the NHL website.https://www.nhl.com/

Writers workshop 3

Why Alex Ovechkin Is Better Than Sidney Crosby                  Jayden

Mr. Ewert



If you do not already know who these people are, they are pro hockey players who play in the NHL. Alex Ovechkin is a Russian who plays for the Washington Capitals. He is most well known for his one-timer slapshot that usually hovers around the 100-105 mph mark. Sidney Crosby is a Canadian who plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins. He is most well known for his passing and he is really good at passing the puck into tight spaces.

The reason I like Alex more, is his playing style. He always tries to put the puck in the back of the net and help his team as much as possible. He has an insanely good shot, and he likes to lay big hits on people who skate with their head down. He is tough and does not let anyone knock him around.

Sidney on the other hand is more of a deker. I prefer shots over dekes any day. Crosby is cheap when he wants to go for the puck, he dives at the players feet and sweeps the puck away. I really don’t like his playing style.

One of the advantages that Alex has over Sidney is his one-timer slapshot and his shot in general. He takes a lot more shots and gets a lot more goals. Although Alex takes a lot of shots, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t pass. Alex has a career total of 706 goals and 572 assists to add up to a total of 1278 points! He is still quite a bit of points away from Gretzky’s record.

Sidney’s strength is his passing. He has really good edges which helps him in his passing so he can get passing lanes open to get the puck to his teammates. Sid has a total of 462 goals and 801 assists to add up to a total of 1263 points, only 15 less than Alex.

It is hard to judge who was better in their first years in the NHL, so I’ll have to say that it is a tie. Crosby was the named youngest captain ever, but then Connor McDavid took that title. Alex was also a really young captain and Alex and Sidney were both really good rookies.

They have both won so many trophies, so I won’t list them all. Some awards they have both won are the Stanley Cup, Conn Smythe, Rocket Richard and the Hart Memorial trophy. These are probably the most valuable awards you can be given in the NHL.

Both of their teams have been hovering around the top 5 teams in the league for the past few years and the best in their Metropolitan division. The Washington Capitals ended up in 5th last year and The Pittsburgh Penguins ended up in 7th. They both have really good teams to back them up, but they are by far the best players on their teams.

This is why Alex is better than Sidney. If you didn’t think that before, I’m sure you do now! Everybody thinks Alex is overrated but if you look at his stats, you will see that he is definitely a great player and deserves lots of credit for all the achievements he has reached.