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Hello, for this blog I will be telling you about myself and some stuff this year.

Hello, my name is Jayden and I am a grade 7 student. I really like playing hockey and a bunch of other sports, juggling, seeing friends and family and some other stuff.

A challenge I have faced this year is not being able to see people for long stints of time. Due to COVID you couldn’t really see anybody and that really sucked for me. I couldn’t see my family or friends and play basketball, trampoline, hockey etc. We had to go into remote learning and I had a  harder time focusing and getting help from teachers or friends.

In next year I think the hardest thing will be adapting to the new work. When were doing work in grade 7 I occasionally look up and see what work they are doing and I am very confused. I think I will be able to do it but I think it will be a lot harder.

I have learned a bunch of stuff this year and I cant really think of anything specifically. I have learned a bunch of new kinds of math, writing, science and social studies. As a person I think I have learned that you should appreciate the time you have with family and friends. Like I said before due to COVID I couldn’t see anyone for a long time. It really sucked and I wished I could see them. Now I am really happy that you can see some more people and have fun again.

Some more random thing about me are my favourite hockey player is Alex Ovechkin, my dream car is a dodge challenger, and my favourite joke is” What do you call a cow with a twitch. Beef Jerky.” I think that is pretty much it and I hope you enjoyed.

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Patrick Mahomes                                Jayden


Mr. E


“Every experience, good or bad, you have to learn from.” This is one of the quotes from my favourite quarterback in the NFL, Patrick Mahomes. He plays for the Kansas City Chiefs and in my opinion, may even be better than Tom Brady over time. Here are some more facts.

Pat was born and grew up in Tyler, Texas. He used to play baseball but gave it up in his junior year of high school to focus on Football. He played for the Texas Tech University and was the starting quarterback. In his final season with them, he recorded 388 completions on 591 pass attempts, finishing with a percentage of 65.7%. He threw a total of 5052 yards and 41 touchdown passes. He had 10 interceptions that year.

Some of his family is Pat Mahomes (Father), so technically he is Patrick Mahomes ll, and Randi Martin (Mother). Pat Mahomes was a professional baseball player and over his career he played for the Minnesota Twins, Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, Texas Rangers, Chicago Cubs and the Pittsburgh Pirates. Randi is in charge of the Hollytre Country Club and is the Private Events Coordinator. Jackson Mahomes is his younger brother, and he is well known on TikTok and Instagram. Mia Randall is his step-sister, and is a YouTuber.

Mahomes is the starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. In 2020 he threw an NFL Career high completion rate of 66.3%. He threw a total yard amount of 4740 yards, 38 touchdown passes and 6 interceptions. These stats are really good and I think he will be better than most quarterbacks in the future. He had better passing yards than the MVP this year, by a few actually 341 yards more.

In his career he and the Chiefs have won one Superbowl and made it to two. Two Years ago they won, but last year they lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This, was surprisingly, the first game that Mahomes has lost by double digits in his career.

The reason I like him so much is for a few reasons. He is funny when he is  “Mic’d up” and started singing “Feliz Navidad” to his teammates. He is really good and consistently gets throws where they are supposed to be. You may say Tom is still better than him, but Pat had better stats in everything except for touchdown passes. But that was only a difference of two. Tom had twice as many interceptions too. He is a really good young quarterback and I can see lots of Superbowls ahead for him and the Chiefs.

Phil The Scientist

Once upon a time there was a kid named Phil. He was determined to be a scientist and the next Einstein. He already knew some stuff like how to make a volcano or how to make a homemade lava lamp. Just the basics. He decided to go to a website and figure out some most experiments that he could perform. He asked him mom if he could make a homemade firework in his backyard but she said no. He was sad and decided to go to the park and make it there. He called his friends to tell them to come to the park and check it out. Just as he showed up there his friends were on the sidewalk about to come into the park.

He got all of his supplies set up and his friends brought some cardboard armour for protection. 3..2…1… blast off! The firework shot into the air and made a huge crack of sound. It was rattling everyones eardrums and they were ringing for a solid 2 minutes. His mom heard the bang and she came down to the park to see what the commotion was. Phil saw her coming down the road and Phil booked it. He wasn’t going to get caught today. He dodged a couple of trees and hopped over a bench and went down another road so his mom didnt see him.

He made it home and pretended he was downstairs the whole time. His mom accused him of this but he denied. As his mom was leaving the room he had a smirk on his face. In the next few years in school he got straight perfect marks and was the top of his class in science. After high school he studied different types of science from animals to chemicals. He then became a well known scientist and made lots of money. He had achieved his goal and he was super happy.

That is the end of the story and Ii hoped you enjoyed. Here’s some links to some blogs



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My Favourite Places To Camp

Hello, for my blog I will be telling you my top 3 favourite places to camp.

3. Stephenfield

I really like this place and it was last year that we went there. We stay in Yurt’s which are sort of like cabins but round and a canvas/cloth material. We had one that was really close to the water so we had a nice view of the lake when there was a sunset. There that had a bunch of biking trails around the campground and they went all over the place. Around a field, by the lake, just randomly in the bush. Their beach is really nice and it is all sand. Im not sure if there is good fishing because we never went.

2. Hecla

I really like Hecla and we go there almost every year. My  family goes camping in the fall with my mom’s side of the family and it is really fun. There is biking trails, golfing, tennis, and fishing. We play frisbee, football and tossing around a baseball. We stay in cabins and we really enjoy them. We couldn’t get the cabins we wanted this year so we are spread out and in smaller ones this year.

  1. Asessippi

This place is by far my favourite. Sure, it is 4 hours away but to me it is worth it. There they have mini golf, swimming, fishing, biking, basketball and more. Like Hecla we also pass a football or whatever around. I really like fishing there and that was the place I caught my first fish. We dont go fishing that often, maybe a few times each year. What I caught was a 9-10 inch pickerel so it wasn’t anything fancy. When you go swimming there are leeches so you may not want to but I dont mind really.

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Asessippi Provincial Park - Inglis, Manitoba - Campground Reviews

My Favourite Sports

Hello, for my blog this week I will be telling you about my favourite sports. It will be my top 3.

3. Basketball

Basketball would probably be my 4th but there are two sports that are tied for second. I like basketball because there are multiple skills you need to learn. There’s shooting, dribbling, layups and dunks. When you play it is a full body workout packed with cardio. I dont think I am very good but I find it fun to get together with friends and play a game. My favourite player in this sport would probably be Steph Curry.


Warriors' Stephen Curry becomes fastest player in NBA history to make 300  3-pointers in a season - CBSSports.com

2. Soccer/Football

I really like these two sports and they are really close in my opinion. I like soccer because once again it is a good workout and it is really satisfying when you score a really nice goal that you have been trying to get for a while. I really like football and I dont actually play inn a league or anything but just passing with friends and family is really fun. Its probably even more satisfying than when you get a nice goal when you make a big diving catch that you barely get into your hands. Or when you get that perfect spiral. My favourite player  in soccer is probably Cristiano Ronaldo and in football Patrick Mahomes.Cristiano Ronaldo - WikipediaPatrick Mahomes' typical workout and eating habits

  1. Hockey

This is by far my favourite sport and they are so many reasons why. Once you get good at skating and shooting then it gets really fun. It is a great sport and gets fun when you play with your friends and go to tournaments. It’s really fun to win and kind of sucks to lose. My favourite part of hockey is when you break out of the zone and pass all the defenders and score a nice goal. I play defense but sometimes you can rush up if there is no one to pass to or you have a open lane. I really like playing defense and I prefer shooting instead of deking so thats why I prefer defense. My favourite player is 100% Alex Ovechkin.Ovechkin in no rush to negotiate new contract with Capitals

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Hello, for my blog I will be telling you about my favourite store I have ever been in, Scheels.

Scheels is a all sports store that has a wide selection of everything. It’s stores have huge sections of each sport and the hockey one is really big. One of my favourite parts of the store is the extra attractions.

They have a bunch of things such as a bowling alley, golf/hockey simulator, kids playplace, arcade, laser gun scene thingy and I think a mini hockey rink with synthetic ice. I’ll start with the bowling alley. Its kinda funny when you just walk into a sports store and boom, there’s a bowling alley.  There’s always people using the things and we had to go soon so I didn’t get to try some of the things they had there. There was one of those really tall playplace things and there was a ball pit and everything  in there but I didnt go in because, I dont know why I would. The arcade wasnt actually a full arcade but there was a few boxes. I think there was Frogger, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Galaga. These were pretty fun to play on. So this laser range thing there is cutouts of ducks, geese, bears and more. They are fishing or having a picnic and some other things. This part is really cool and fun. The golf and hockey simulator had a bunch of sticks and clubs in a bin. I didn’t do this but it looked really funny. I cant remember if there was a synthetic ice rink but Im pretty sure there was.

This store isn’t in Canada but my family went to the one in North Dakota and it was really cool. I think they sell shoes and some clothes too. Overall this is a really cool store and by far my favourite. I think this is a better version of SportChek. Here is a link to the website.https://www.scheels.com/ Scheels - At Grandscape - The Colony TX

Hunger Games

Hello, for my blog I will be telling you what I think about the Hunger Games. (There may be spoilers if you havent read or seen them yet)

I just finished the first book and it was really good. I think it was my favourite book but Maze Runner was also really good. I also watched the first two movies so far and they were good also. I think the first book was way better than the movie. There was lots of intense moments that they left out or made them not as exciting. My favourite scene in the first book/movie would probably be when Katniss and Peeta were about to eat the poisonous berries. Caeser Flickerman (the guy who made the announcements in the arena) had recently said that there was a rule change and instead of allowing two winners from a district there could only be one victor no matter what. There were both going to eat the berries at the same time but then he stopped them before they both died. This scene was really good and I think they did a good job at keeping it almost word for word to the book.

I have just recently started the second book which is The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. It is pretty good so far but I am only 35 pages in or so, so I dont know if I will like it or not. The movie was really good so I hope the book is even better. I dont know why but I dont like Finnick for some reason. He seems like he will turn on Katniss and Peeta’s ally group. My favourite scene in this would probably be when they were running away from the poisonous air. They were trying so hard to get away but Mags decided to walk into the poison voluntarily because she knew she was slowing the group down. Just as they got away they ran into a bunch of baboons and had to run to the beach. This scene was packed with excitement and kept you on the edge of your seat

In conclusion I think this will be a great book series and I will really like it. Here is a link to Elijah and Ernest’s blog.https://elijahsaemsblog2020.edublogs.org/


How to Draw the Hunger Games Logo aka The Mockingjay Pin - How to Draw Step  by Step Drawing Tutorials