Hello, for my blog I will be telling you about my favourite store I have ever been in, Scheels.

Scheels is a all sports store that has a wide selection of everything. It’s stores have huge sections of each sport and the hockey one is really big. One of my favourite parts of the store is the extra attractions.

They have a bunch of things such as a bowling alley, golf/hockey simulator, kids playplace, arcade, laser gun scene thingy and I think a mini hockey rink with synthetic ice. I’ll start with the bowling alley. Its kinda funny when you just walk into a sports store and boom, there’s a bowling alley.  There’s always people using the things and we had to go soon so I didn’t get to try some of the things they had there. There was one of those really tall playplace things and there was a ball pit and everything  in there but I didnt go in because, I dont know why I would. The arcade wasnt actually a full arcade but there was a few boxes. I think there was Frogger, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Galaga. These were pretty fun to play on. So this laser range thing there is cutouts of ducks, geese, bears and more. They are fishing or having a picnic and some other things. This part is really cool and fun. The golf and hockey simulator had a bunch of sticks and clubs in a bin. I didn’t do this but it looked really funny. I cant remember if there was a synthetic ice rink but Im pretty sure there was.

This store isn’t in Canada but my family went to the one in North Dakota and it was really cool. I think they sell shoes and some clothes too. Overall this is a really cool store and by far my favourite. I think this is a better version of SportChek. Here is a link to the website. Scheels - At Grandscape - The Colony TX

Hunger Games

Hello, for my blog I will be telling you what I think about the Hunger Games. (There may be spoilers if you havent read or seen them yet)

I just finished the first book and it was really good. I think it was my favourite book but Maze Runner was also really good. I also watched the first two movies so far and they were good also. I think the first book was way better than the movie. There was lots of intense moments that they left out or made them not as exciting. My favourite scene in the first book/movie would probably be when Katniss and Peeta were about to eat the poisonous berries. Caeser Flickerman (the guy who made the announcements in the arena) had recently said that there was a rule change and instead of allowing two winners from a district there could only be one victor no matter what. There were both going to eat the berries at the same time but then he stopped them before they both died. This scene was really good and I think they did a good job at keeping it almost word for word to the book.

I have just recently started the second book which is The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. It is pretty good so far but I am only 35 pages in or so, so I dont know if I will like it or not. The movie was really good so I hope the book is even better. I dont know why but I dont like Finnick for some reason. He seems like he will turn on Katniss and Peeta’s ally group. My favourite scene in this would probably be when they were running away from the poisonous air. They were trying so hard to get away but Mags decided to walk into the poison voluntarily because she knew she was slowing the group down. Just as they got away they ran into a bunch of baboons and had to run to the beach. This scene was packed with excitement and kept you on the edge of your seat

In conclusion I think this will be a great book series and I will really like it. Here is a link to Elijah and Ernest’s blog.

How to Draw the Hunger Games Logo aka The Mockingjay Pin - How to Draw Step  by Step Drawing Tutorials

Patrick Mahomes

Hello, this week for my blog I will be doing a mini biography on the NFL quarterback, Patrick Mahomes.

Patrick Mahomes was born on September 17, 1995, so now he is 26 years old. He was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in 2017 and has been playing for them ever since. In university he played for Texas Tech. I think he is one of the greatest quarterbacks right now. Once Tom Brady retires he will probably be the best quarterback in the league.

Last year he had a completion rate of 66.3%. He passed a total of 4740 yards. He threw a total of 38 touchdowns and had only 6 interceptions in the whole season. Mahomes had better stats than brady except Brady threw 40 touchdowns. The MVP Aaron Rodgers had better stats than him except for passing yards.

In the Super Bowl last year, the Buccaneers (Tom Brady’s team) were playing the Kansas City Chiefs (Patrick Mahomes’ team). The Buccaneers ended up winning and that was the first game that Mahomes had lost a game by double digits. I think it was for sure not his fault though. He was making really hard throws and had to scramble for a long time because his teammates wouldn’t get open. He had to make really hard throws and his wide receiver Tyreek Hill and his Tight End Travis Kelce couldn’t catch anything even though they were great passes.

Last year he signed a crazy salary. He signed a ten year contract with the Chiefs worth $503 million dollars! He is averaging $50.3 million per year! That is crazy and he is earning more than $10 million more than any other quarterback in the league.

I think Mahomes right now is better than the other quarterbacks and will be really good in the future. That is the end of my blog and I hope you enjoyed. Here is a link to Elijah’s blog and Ernest’s blog. Mahomes Says He Got COVID Vaccine |

Oliver The Secret Superhero Pt.2

Hello, if you are reading this and haven’t seen part 1, you should go see that first or this wont make any sense.

Oliver was a normal kid, or so he thought, he proved that wrong yesterday. He was able to lift a set of stairs right out of the ground and saved himself from a fire. When he got home he tested some other things and sure enough he could. Now he was curious what else he could do. He really wished he could learn to fly.

So he decided to set up a little obstacle course in his backyard. He had a slide to jump  off for the flying test. A random number that he had not seen behind a wall for the x-ray test, and a steal a pack of Gushers without Mom seeing for the invisibility test. He was very eager to be able to fly so that was his first test. He ran up the slide and leapt off ready to fly, but it didnt go as planned. He fell right onto the grass and twisted his ankle. He had too take a quick timeout and put ice on it for a little bit.

Now he was back up and running better than ever. Now he planned accordingly and put a bunch of blankets and pillows on the ground beneath him. He was trying for hours now. He swore he was in the air for longer and longer every time. Then after what must have been 1000 try’s, he got it.  It wasnt that far but he flew past the blankets and past his shed about 5 feet past them. He was very happy with himself and the next day he planned to do the next test, the x-ray.

He was testing for super long and he could never get the number right 9? No. 7? No. 1? No. He wasnt happy and tried the next test, the invisibility test. He started creeping around the corner without making a sound. He opened the door to the pantry and grabbed a pack of Gushers. As he was leaving his mom screamed, “Ahh, a floating pack of Gushers!”

He knew he had succeeded based off of that comment. At the end of the day he knew some superpowers tricks but not all of them. Once again he kept it secret and never told his Mom why the Gushers were flying. He also kept the flying secret.

That is the end and I hope you enjoyed. Here is some links to some other blogs/ Culture Linked to Aggression in Kids - Effect of Violent Media on  Preschoolers

Oliver The Secret Super Hero Pt.1

Oliver was a normal kid, or so he thought. One day him and his family were wanting to go to the zoo. Oliver was super excited and was already itching to go, but he had to wait until next week when the zoo first opened for the year. As the week was passing Oliver kept  on getting more and more excited. Finally the day had come, the zoo would be opening. Their plan was to get their at 8:30. The zoo opened at 9:00 so they thought this would be a good time to get in line and be the first ones in.

When they pulled up to the street that the zoo was on then there were cars lined up all the way down.

“Wow, I’ve never seen such a long line for McDonalds in my life!”, exclaimed Don, Oliver’s dad.

“That’s not for McDonalds silly,” replied Laura, Oliver’s mom.

Now, they were  worried that they wouldn’t get in and have to come back another day. But then everyone started moving and the line cleared up completely. There was a really long train and that’s why the traffic was held up. The parking lot was still busy but there was enough room for them still. It cost them $20 per adult and Oliver was able to come in for free.  When Oliver entered the zoo he immediately wanted to go to the Safari area, which was on the other side of the entire zoo. His parents wanted him to maybe start nearer and then make their way over to the other side but he was a determined little boy and those words went in one ear and out the other.

Oliver was running so fast that his parents could barely keep up. He had run out of breath and had to stop. His parents noticed he was hot and tired so they said that they could get and frozen lemonade. After a quick stop at the Snack Bar, Oliver was recharged and ready to proceed on his journey to the safari. After a long 1 mile run, they had reached it. They saw fierce lions that looked like they would come right through the glass and humongous giraffes that were as tall as skyscrapers. This is what they came here for and it was worth it. They stopped on a bench and finished up their drinks and snacks and decided to head back.

Even though they had just had a little snack break, Oliver was whining that he was hungry and decided to stop at the Glacier Café. Similar to the one in Winnipeg. Actually, almost exactly the same. There was a cooler with a variety of drinks, an area to get food, a bunch of tables and the main event, the Polar Bear Playplace. Oliver forgot his hunger and his jaw dropped. It looked amazing in there. With LED lights surrounding the entire structure, a slide coming out of the polar bears mouth so it looked like you were riding it’s tongue. An obstacle course,  Oliver thought it was so Amazing. He wanted to go on the slide but he had to take his shoes off first. He ran up the ladder and was about to go down the slide when he heard a loud alarm sound. He peeked his head out to see what the ruckus was then he saw a bunch of kids running out the door.

He quickly went down the slide positioning himself to get maximum speed. he ran out and saw a sign that said, “If fire use stairs”. Oliver was confused but he attempted to pick them up anyway. Yup, that is what he thought it meant. So with all his might he attempted to lift them up and it worked! Somehow he did it! He was really confused  what to do at this point. So he started smacking the fire. Smoke was filling up the room and Oliver had to get out fast or else it may be too late. So he placed the stairs back down in their original place after he knocked down the fire a little bit. eh ran down and his parents were at the door with worry across their face. they exchanged hugs but not for long because they had to get out of there!

They got out in time and the firefighters took care of the fire. Everyone got out safe but the entire Playplace was destroyed. His parents asked him how he got out but he just said that he walked out the doorway and that was it. His parents didn’t question him and that was it. They walked out of the zoo and agreed that that was the craziest trip to the zoo they ever had or will have ever. When they got home Oliver wondered what else he could lift. So he tested out his dresser, yup, his bed, yup and some other things, yup, he could lift them all. He never told anybody about his secret superpower and decide to keep it secret. Now he wondered what other superpowers he had?

That is the end of Part 1 to my story and I hoped you liked it. Here is a link to Elijah’s blog and Ernest’s blog Culture Linked to Aggression in Kids - Effect of Violent Media on  Preschoolers

Ricky The Detective Writers workshop

Ricky The Detective                             Jayden



Once upon a time there was a kid named Ricky. He was just a normal kid who liked toys. Ricky was short, brown hair and blue eyes. His favourite colour was green and his favorite type of cake was confetti with extra sprinkles on top.

One day Ricky was playing with his Hot Wheels and was about to land a trick that was taking him forever. He leapt off the couch with car in hand, onto the kitchen table, hopped off, threw the car and landed it on the counter. Slowly it was rolling, and he had to hop down fast to make sure it did not fall off the edge. It was on the final inch when he stuck his hand out and snagged it before it fell. As he was placing his car back on the counter, he noticed there was a Toys ‘R’ Us flyer on the countertop. He immediately forgot what he was doing and peered at the piece of paper. He was amazed by the deals and walked to his chair to be more comfortable.

He immediately started flipping through the pages at a lightning pace. Then, something caught the corner of his eye. It was 100 toy soldiers. They were green and able to stand on their own, that made them a deal of a lifetime in his mind.

He hopped out of his chair, sped down the hallway and took a sharp right turn into his parent’s room.

“Mom, Dad, this flyer says that there is a bag of 100, able to stand on their own, GREEN, toy soldiers for only $7.99!

His parents were confused why he was so excited about a little bag with plastic people. They simply said,“Well your birthday is coming up soon so we will have to see.”

The suspense of whether he was going to get them or not was killing him but, he would have to wait.

The very next day he set up a little spy station which included a sound magnifier in case his parents were talking about it, binoculars to get a better view, and a bounty of snacks to get him through the day.

Then, his mom came home, looking suspicious, holding a bag behind her back. Ricky couldn’t see the label on the bag and his binoculars weren’t cutting it either. Trying to be stealthy, he tiptoed downstairs when his mom was taking off her shoes, but it was still around the corner.  Before he could get to the bottom of his stairs, his mom made a swift move and hid the bag in her room. Unfortunately, his plan too find out his present, had failed.

A couple of weeks passed and all of his efforts to figure out his gift had failed yet again. Now, it was his birthday! The people attending were him, his mom, his dad, little brother, big brother, little sister and Grandma and Grandpa. Ricky was super-excited to see his family and extra-excited to see the mountain of gifts he would be opening like any 8 year old would be. Ricky was itching to open his gifts and his mom could tell. She gave him permission and he took no hesitation for that offer.

He started opening all the gifts and wrapping paper was flying everywhere! He had already gotten: Hot Wheels, a Spider-Man action figure, a soccer ball and some more items. Yet he had still not gotten the item that was at the top of his list, the toy soldiers. Then his parents handed him their present. He opened it and it was them!

His parents were showered with hugs. Ricky did a little dance he was so excited. He immediately started playing with them. He was playing and playing, but then he got hungry and went for a snack. His favourite was Pizza Blasted Goldfish crackers but they were out so he had to settle on the regular flavour.

When he came back one of his toy soldiers, Colonel Randy which was a soldier that he previously named, was broken! Snapped right in half. Ricky was devastated and wanted to figure out who broke him as fast as he could. He set up an interrogation area.

He draped a bedsheet over a few chairs and set up a lamp that would point into the suspect’s face just like in the movies. As he went through the people attending the party he narrowed it down to either his mom or his grandpa. The thing that made his believe it was one of them was they both strangely, kept looking at one of their feet and wincing in pain. This made him believe one of them had stepped on Colonel Randy.

Then it dawned on him, his mom was in the bathroom at the time and she had rolled her ankle the day before! It had to be his grandpa! When Ricky explained his reasoning and exposed his grandpa, he finally confessed he did it. Ricky was so mad and threatened so as to not invite his grandpa to his next birthday,   until his grandpa said that he wouldn’t get him a gift. Ricky forgave him and all was good again. Colonel Randy was glued back together and everyone lived happily ever after. THE END

James The Basketball Legend

Hello, for my blog this week I will be writing a random made up story, I hope you enjoy.

Once upon a time there was a kid named James. He was a 5 year old kid who really liked basketball. James was dedicated to make it to the NBA one day and be better than Lebron James and Michael Jordan combined! He had just recently got a basketball net and ball for his birthday. He set up a training plan that included 15 minutes of shooting, 10 of dribbling, 10 of layups and 10 of dunking every day.

Immediately after his birthday party his set up his net and put air in his ball. He had the net set at the highest point on his first shot so he wasn’t anywhere close to the rim. After a few quick adjustments he was ready to go. This time, it was a little lower and the perfect height. James shot the ball, it was flying through the air, hit the rim and… bounced right back into his face giving him a bloody nose. He went inside crying and would have to start practicing tomorrow.

Now that he knew how to shoot properly, the perfect height of the net, he was ready to go (For real this time). He spent day and night trying and trying  to get really good. Then the day came, after 6 years of waiting and hard practice, the day had come. The 6th grade basketball tournament. He put on his lucky Spongebob socks and was looking really good in the first few games. His team was 4-0 going into the final. The Silvertown Pirates (James’ team) were going to be playing the Rustville Tigers. It was going to be a tight game and everyone was going to be watching it. In the warmup James was hitting every shot no matter where he was on the court. His dribbling was on point, he was ready to win!

In the first quarter James had 7 of the 11 points for his team and the Tigers had 12 points. Going into the 4th quarter James was by far the leading scorer for his team with 24 points. The score was tied up at 45 to 45. In the beginning of the quarter the Tigers looked like they were going to pull away with the game, it was already 47-63. James and the Pirates never gave up though and kept on getting more points and making the game closer and closer. Then it was 10 seconds left, 65-67 in favor of the Tigers. James had the ball and was dribbling through all the defense. The time was ticking like a bomb about to explode, the crowd was roaring and it was all up too James. The championship could be theirs if he made this shot. 3…2…1… the ball left his hand the buzzer rang. As it was floating through the air the world seemed to stop spinning it hit the rim, bounced around it, looked like it was going to spin in and…

James awoke from his dream! It wasn’t real the whole time! James was sad that he didn’t find out if he made the shot or not. James wanted this dream to come true so in real life, he did exactly what he saw in his dream to repeat the outcome and it worked. He did win the championship and he got drafted 1st overall in the draft. James became a basketball legend and he was the greatest there ever was!

The end. I hoped you enjoyed it and here is a  link to Elijah’s blog and Ernest’s blog for some other cool stuff!" Mini Rubber Basketball by PlayTime, Toy Basketball - Amazon Canada

CBS Franchise Hockey

Hello, this week for my blog I will be writing about this app that is called “CBS Franchise Hockey”.

Basics: Some things that you might want to know if you want this game is that it is a manager type hockey game. You have this team that you start off with that isnt very good, they are the lowest overall version of players in the game. As you level up you will open more packs which contain players that are hopefully better than your previous lineup. Your team will play season games, exhibition games, and pro games (you play old teams, anywhere from the beginning to 5 years ago.).

Packs: There are a bunch of different series’ of packs. You start off with series 1 players and every 5 levels you level up, you unlock a new series with better players. Some other types of packs are booster packs. These contain bucks, coins and many other things that help your team level up. There are bonus packs, you get 5 every day and they are a bad version of the booster packs. You have to watch a video to open them. There are also legend packs that you can unlock at level 100 and there are a bunch of new series of players that come and go.

Season: For the season, there are 21 games that you play. There are 4 divisions with 4 teams in each. You will play teams that are around your overall of your team. If you have a good enough record you can play in the playoffs. In the season, you have 5 goals to complete. You have to complete at least 3 to move on to the next level. If you level up you get 2 player packs and 1 booster pack.

Some more ways to get your team better: There is this part of the game where you can upgrade your players to get their overall up a little bit. There are training points where you can assign them and every 5 points you assign, your players overall will go up 0.5 to 1. Then there is equipment. There are these tokens that you can collect and they are different teams. Say you have a Washington player and want to assign a equipment, you have to have 3 Washington tokens to level him up 1 overall. Then if you want your team to go up about 1.5 overall for 24 hours, you can assign bonuses. There are shooting, skating, creativity and defense bonuses.

Some extra details to know: These are just some extra facts that I will throw in. There are a bunch of different versions of players. If I have 3 versions of Alex Ovechkin then they are all different overalls. If you have enough versions of one player you may be able to complete a set that gets you a really good version of that player. You can buy these things called moments that also level up your player. Not every player has this but some do. They are this thing that you can buy which can make your players overall go up anywhere from 4 to 20 more than before. This game was released in 2018 but they always  update it every year so now it is called “CBS Franchise Hockey 2021”. It’s rating in the app store is 4.7 stars and I highly recommend it.

My team: Right now my team is a 105 overall team. My best player’s right now are Alex Ovechkin and Pavel Bure tied at 137 overall. Almost all of my lines are 100 overall plus except for my 4th line. I am on season 70 I believe but I cant remember. My team name is the beasts and my logo was a dragon because it fit but now I changed it to a skull with swords crossing beneath it.

That is the end of my blog and I hoped you liked it. Here is a link to more infCBS Franchise Hockey 2021 Wiki - Best wiki for this game! (2021)o about the game