My Top 10 Favorite Rides On My Family’s Trip To Florida

This week I will be blogging about my favorite ride that my family went on went we went on our trip to Florida. The theme parks that these rides are from will be listed next to the name of the ride.

10. 7 Dwarves – Disneyworld

I liked this ride because even though it wasnt that fast and exciting, it had some really cool parts along the ride like statues and stuff like that. The kart that you were in were also really cool, it looked like a carved out log.Ride Review: The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Walt Disney World's Magic  Kingdom

9.  Twilight Tower Of Terror- Hollywood Parks

This ride was actually really cool, although it wasnt really a roller coaster. What happened is once your turn came you would go up this old elevator and then you would enter this room and sit down. Then it would go up and down and as you were going this window would open and you would see outside and it was a little bit scary but not bad.The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror - Wikipedia

8. Splash Mountain – Disneyworld

I liked this one because once again even though it wasnt that fast but it was very scenic and had lots of cool parts in it. It was also very cool in the end when you would go down a steep hill in a boat type thing and you would get wet, so that was a really fun part of the trip.Splash Mountain Ride | Walt Disney World Resort

7. Thunder Mountain – Disneyworld

This ride looked really cool and it was actually really fun also. It looked like a mountain in a desert and it was a dynamite site. There was little boxes of fake dynamite and a cool fake fossil next to the track. A ironic thing that happened when we were waiting for this ride in line it got delayed because of a thunderstorm.DisneyMagicMoments: Take a Wild Virtual Ride on Big Thunder Mountain  Railroad at Walt Disney World Resort | Disney Parks Blog

6. Journey Through Atlantis – Sea World

This ride was super popular and we had to wait in line for a long time. It was another boat/raft ride with a steep hill so  that made the ride really fun. In the ride it looked super cool and detailed with statues and old anchors and stuff that a old ocean kingdom would have.Journey to Atlantis® Water Coaster Attraction | SeaWorld Orlando

5. Aerosmith – Disneyland

This ride was very cool and fast. It went so fast that you turned the first corner and you were already doing a loop, it was a crazy speed. Inside the ride there were lots of cool lights and blaring Aerosmith music and you were doing a flip every ten seconds so it was a more intense ride than others.Aerosmith's Rock 'n' Roller Coaster POV HD On-Ride Walt Disney World  Hollywood Studios GoPro Hero4 - YouTube

4. Revenge of the Mummy – Universal Studios

This ride was super cool, fast and fun. You would get into your roller coaster and as they were sending you off, they would give you a thumbs down which was funny  in my opinion. It was a little bit scary but the coolest part was when you were suddenly shoot backwards and there were flames all around you and it was super hot.Revenge of the Mummy℠ – The Ride - Universal Studios Hollywood

3. The Mako – Sea World

This ride claimed to be the tallest fastest and longest ride in Florida and I think it was true. It was a super tall and super fast ride which made it really cool. There were some loops on it that made it a lot more fun. As I said before it was super tall and when you went over the edge it was straight down.How Will SeaWorld's Mako Roller Coaster Measure Up? – CoasterCritic

2. Space Mountain – Disneyworld

This was a future, space themed ride that was super fast and cool. What made this ride my second favorite was  the features inside. There were speakers that were saying stuff like, “ready for takeoff” and you would suddenly shoot ahead. There were also lots of really cool lights in it.

Space Mountain | Walt Disney World Resort

  1. The Manta – Sea World

This ride was ocean themed and was a really fun ride. You would be strapped in and they would put you in a what they call, “Superman position”. You would be facing down for most of the ride and see all the stuff below you which was really cool. There was one part where you dipped into water, that was my favorite part of the ride.Manta (SeaWorld Orlando) - Wikipedia

That is it for my blog and I hope you enjoyed it! Heres a link to the Manta Ride website for more info about my favorite ride.

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